Our Partners Include

Richard W. Yeaton, DDS

Portsmouth, NH

Over the past 7 years, InFocus Consultants has provided us prompt and reliable service. Michael Hill and his staff know the technological needs of and solutions for dental practices today. As we have grown, they have guided us to prepare for and to utilize all the current technology that meets our needs.

Burton Stein, D.M.D

Bellingham, MA

I have used the services of InFocus Consultants for over 10 years. That alone should say something, after all, how many providers of anything are in the game to stay? I have a sophisticated multi-user network with multiple complex software programs, all installed by Mike and his group at InFocus. They are responsive and effective. Simply said, they are the best.

Bob Moreau

Mansfield, MA

I was originally referred to this company by a few colleagues that used their services over the years.  Engulfed in starting a new chart-free practice, I needed to find a company that I could rely on and one where I was not just another number (i.e., Dell, Gateway).  After speaking with some of the staff members at Infocus my decision was easy.  I would recommend this company in a heart beat to all who are looking for top notch equipment and quality, prompt service.  A HUGE thank you to the folks at Infocus! Great job

Elliot V. Feldbau, D.M.D

Hammond Pond Dental Associates (the former Brigham Dental Group)
Chestnut Hill, MA

Mike Hill and his staff at InFocus have been our IT support personnel for over 2 years. As a dental practice with 23 workstations and a dedicated LAN server, InFocus was instrumental in creating a smooth transition from our former networked affiliation with the Brigham Dental Group of Brigham and Women's Hospital to our stand alone network at Hammond Pond Dental Associates. In fact this remarkable transition occurred flawlessly in one weekend! We have been most pleased with their methodical and personalized service, their ability to problem solve, and their timely response to our calls for help. I believe it is safe to say that when the owner of a company attends to your needs, you can expect good care. InFocus fulfills that adage very well.

Maryann Belskis, office manager

Watertown, MA

Dr. Shea and our office staff want to thank you for your help with the new equipment and the new upgrade to our dental system.  Your knowledge of the equipment and our system made the transition so easy and comfortable. We also appreciate the fact that you answer our phone calls almost immediately since you have a cell phone with you at all times. Your professionalism and courtesy have made these changes a very positive experience.